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Date: Fri, 9 Feb 1996 07:53:41 -0500

Dear Paul:

I read with interest your comments about submitting stories to comic
publishers (specifically Sonic, and "jamming a 10 page story into an
envelope"). You should know that, in general, there are just not enough
hours in the day for an editor to even hope to be able to read a 10 page
submission (especially Sonic-- which is more than a full time job-- I know, I
used to edit it and the work load as well as dealing with SEGA was
never-ending). That's why we (and all other comic publishers, for that
matter) encourage those submitting scripts to send short synopses (of 2-3
paragraphs) only. I feel it's important for people on the outside to
understand what it's like on the inside-- it's not a personal slight if an
editor doesn't read your 10 page manuscript; just an impossibility due to
time constraints. Hope this clears that up for you...

Best regards,

Paul Castiglia

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