Re: Behind The Scenes

From: Paul Lapensee <>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 96 23:34 EST

>If anyone has questions they'd like to field my way, feel free to do so. If
>you have story ideas for submission to Archie, by all means, I encourage you
>to try. You may get lucky. One word of caution: we're in the midst of
>planning stories that take us to issue #60. No scripts have been planned or
>written after #50 as yet, but issue #50 does present some really special
>surprises in store for the readers, so any writer interested in submitting
>should be prepared to make whatever changes necessary to the story to conform
>with the continuity as it's being set up. (And no, I'm not going to give the
>game away at this point.)
>Take care and thanks for your interest.

Stories STORIES!!!!! There is so many good storys out the it would make your
head spin. If there was a direct E-mail to Sonic Grams then it would be
easier to just send them. I don't find it fun to mail a 10 page story and
jam it into a envolope. It just doesn't fit.

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