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From: Ron Bauerle <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 9:17:00 -0500 (EST)

>From: (Paul Lapensee)

>>> Has anyone ever noticed...Sonic and Co, NEVER seem to age, or Grow.

>The new story Tail in Bookshire is about Tails growing pains.
>It's rated PG-13 which I think is almost too light of a rating.
>Man and I thought SEX class in school was bad.

Sarcasm mode ON: oh goodie, time to start another TTBS flame war... (for
those who don't know about TTBS, hang out on for a

Mode OFF (partially?): thanks for the warning, I'll be sure to give this
one a pass (at least people are starting to put ratings on their stories;
maybe they should be assigned by people other than the authors).

I'm probably going to sound like a prude and/or a Peter Pan, but this sort
of stuff is _not_ what I look for in comics and fan-fic; there's enough of
it in real life... But I suppose I should admit (at the risk of being a
hyprocrite too) that Tails's experiences along this line in his miniseries
weren't too bad, mainly because they didn't get into any messy
physical/moral details; i.e., it was just the _concept_ of growing up that
was explored, not the _implementation_ of it. The latter I feel is a
private matter best left up to the individuals (whether fictional or not)
to resolve.

One final note: I am _not_ calling for censorship; I feel people should be
free to write stuff like this (though I'll stay out of the
copyright/trademark discussion for now). I'm just saying _I_ don't want to
see this stuff, thus I want it clearly marked as such before I start
reading it (and stuff not suitable for kids shouldn't be readily accessible
by them either).

RDB, donning asbestos suit

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