Great Unknown Too boring to explore.

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Date: Sat, 27 Jan 1996 14:28:21 GMT

Hiya all,

Another mystery..

Why hasn't the great unknown been explored?

* They had space age technology before the take over.
* They'd been around with high technology for a good while.(+500 years at=

My guesses are these:

In the one story of "Postcards from Mobius", Dulcy exclaims that the Great
Unknown was extremely boring and that was probably why it had never been
explored. It's a possibility..

Perhaps the war kept anyone from going out into the great unknown. (The
danger of being blown to little floating pieces of carbon) Of course, before
the war, there might have been the danger of ending up as a dragons snack.
(Dragons as they would be the best equipted for moving in/over the area)

Perhaps the are is avoided because of Myths? Yes, even with all their
technology, they seem to have some religion or something that keeps them
happy. (Look at 'Garden City', and remember that it's level N technology..
then look at Robotropolis.. and know that that's also level N.) So, perhaps
the same religon/morals/ideals that kept home tidy, kept them out of the

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