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From: Paul Lapensee <>
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 96 21:46 EST

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>Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 15:16:22 EST
>Subject: Re: Perv stuff
>Ummm, okay, I'm finally getting around to reading stuff that was written a
>week ago. At least the big-deal New Year's flood on the other ML I
>subscribe to has died down. Only about 100 messages this week. 8-/
>Anywayz, here goes...
>>> I have nothing against ppl having s*x, no matter what race cread or
>>> colour....
>>> Its just the image of two or more animals doing it in graphic, and
>>> explicite imagies, especially where small children could get at it when
>>> they go looking for sonic stories....
>>How many children are there on the net?
>>How many can utilise the rat site?
>>How many wouldn't be put off?
>>Those who pass these points are obviously mature enough to see those >images.
><Shrugs> IMHO, it's not about ANY of the facts that have been posted here.
>The way I see it, furry sex is pretty tasteless, and the only thing that
>ticked me off about the pix' removal was the idea that we might lose the
>fanfic and other pix as well. Of course, that's just MY opin, and if
>anyone out there happens to be turned on by naked cartoon animals, that's
>not my biz. ><
Well all I can say about that is.
The only pevrs stuff around is located at Furry Muck.
Another sight I can't seem to get anyware with use to be at
I think most of the sights have been cleaned up.
Almost no way and no how is anyone going to find pevrs Sonic stuff.
Not that I want it. I just consider it a chalenge.

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