A small mystery Sonic Theme music... (major key?)

From: Christopher John Adams <parallax_at_wn.net>
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 95 14:24:36 EST

Hi I have been wondering for a long time if what i heard was a dream!

I could have sworn that the intro theme for the sat. show.. changed.

I seem to remember a different version.. of it. same graphics. but
different music..

i have a copy of the current theme.

This particular one.. was in the major key.. all the way through.

Take a look and listen to the current one.. When Bunnie pulls the grate off
it changes key to the more upbeat major key..

i used to i think have this theme (major all the way) but now i cant find it..

does it exist? if so can some kind soul do it at 44khz stereo and let me know!

Thank you..

I can be reached at the email address below or
as Sally on furrymuck or Furtoonia!

Thanks in advance.. I want this mystery solved!

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