Re: New story.

From: Paul Lapensee <>
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 96 09:13 EST

>>From: (Paul Lapensee)
>>Anyways I have made up some storys they you guys/gals might injoy maby even
>>Note I try to keep the story blanced between Sonic and others.
>I didn't see Robotnik in there, but otherwise not bad...
>>You may like of not I don't care I have spent a lot of time typing this story
>>out so please only good comments.
>I.e., you'd rather have no feedback at all than critical feedback? :^)
>OK, here are just a few somewhat neutral questions and comments:
>(spoiler warning for those who haven't read it, and if anybody on my
>mini-mailing list wants a copy, let me know):
>I guess I can accept that the power-ring's effect of freeing the will of a
>roboticized invidivual will work on others besides Uncle Chuck, but then
>the effect shouldn't have worn off like it did (actually, I assume
>Mech-Tail permanently regained his will at the end through sheer willpower
>like Uncle Chuck did too, so I guess that worked after all...)
>I'm somewhat surprised that Packbell took orders from Snively the way he
>I don't know if I can believe the combination of an exploding roboticizer
>and a used power ring can _unroboticize_ somebody (which is what I assume
>the end meant). However, here's an idea for your next story: yes, this is
>what happened, but the process left MechTail charged with an unstable
>energy (insert Tech-babble here) that will kill him unless taken care of -
>one choice would be re-robotization (or is is re-roboticization?), another
>would be a noble sacrifice saving the others, and there's the quasi-happy
>ending whereby he's cured, but the total process won't work again for
>anybody else (standard plot device...)
>You might have wanted to put your note about your spelling and grammar
>needing work at the front of the story, that way Dan Drazen would save some
>ink in his editor's pen :^)
>All in all, not bad - bring on the next one!
Like I said before sorry about the spelling and grammer.
I do better in my next story.
Anyways the effects of be de-roboticized like that can happen only once.
It would be too hard to recreate the accedent anyways. The power ring he
been intergrated into his nerves system and has stablized more or less for
now that may change. After all has a power ring ever killed anyone.

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