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I don't know if anyone remembers but a while ago I posted an entire
filmography for the verryous voice actors in sonic. I guess I should
post it to the FTP site.

-> Kath Soucie also does double-voicing as the twins Phil and Lil on
-> Nickelodeon's "Rugrats" [where, BTW, Christine Cavanaugh is the voice
-> of Chuckie]. Kath has also done some voice work for Disney: she's
-> done two Aladdin eps that I know of: she was the title role in "The
-> Entity" and she voiced a poor girl on the classic Aladdin ep "Do The
-> Rat Thing" where she spoke that timeless line: "It's the Magic
-> Holiday Rat! She brought us a present from the Rodent King!"
also for disney she did one or two voices for "Goof Troop". also
Rob Paulsen <Antone> , Jim Cummings <Robotnik>, and William Windom
<Uncal Chuck> all did a voice for Goof Troop too.

Ahhh! Now I'm geting off topic!

  John Mankowski -- Merritt Island, Fl

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