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This has to be the BIGFGEST Group email I've responded to... :)

> To:
> From: (Doug LoConti)
> >BTW-An inside source gives me info to the voice of Sally on STH sat. morn....
> Kath Soucie???

It's really no secret... (Credit readers, unite! :) )

> >if you were me, would you call and bother or leave alone and
> >wonder...? I'm afraid to call, because... well, you know...people get sad
> >when they get calls from people they don't know...
> I wouldn't call, but I _would_ send her a letter expressing my admiration
> for all the cute/sexy furries she's done: Morgana Macabre, Fifi LaFume, and
> Sally Acorn. I find it somewhat odd that we haven't seen much written
> about her, but a fair amount about Tress MacNeille (not that Tress didn't
> deserve all of it but still...)

Agreed on both counts...

> I'm actually torn between whose voice I like better; Tress has a wider
> range (IMHO), but Kath does sexy voices better...

I wish I have had for some time has been to meet both Tress and Kath at
the same time, in a public place, and express to them my thanks for the
wonderful voices that have given great fantasies to (grin!)... (Kath also
did Li'l Sneezer and the "cute" bunny before Buster's cxreation in "The
Looney Beginning"...) Make it a trio by adding Cristine Cavanaugh (Bunnie
Rabbot) and I'll be more than satisfied... :)

(And yes, I do know the difference between the real voicers and their
characters... :) )

(Depressed at CF7...)

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