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From: Eric Goodwin <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 19:44:35 -0500

On Jan 11, 1996 18:08:19, 'David Gonterman <>' wrote:
>I side with with Eric Goodwin on this point. The Sonic universe does
>*not* contain just stories on Sonic. For an explaination of my position
>on Fan Fiction. I have an item on my newsletter that I'll keep up for a
Thanks for siding with me... Now, I know its getting kinda bothersome to
some about seeing alot of new characters coming up, but then again, how
could some even be made that were good without these new characters? For
example, How would David Prower exist, if it wasnt for Bookshire and rotor
creating him? Without Bookshire there, who is an added character, I
seriously doubt David would have been made. And how could we ever forget
Packbell? That, in my opinion, is a good added character. Gives Robotniks
side an edge not found in the TV show. I'm not saying its wrong to have
new characters, but I also belive that if one is created, it should be
developed well... I'm working my butt off trying to develop Kain more, and
trying to get a good second story idea made... Just takes time. I don't
like to rush story ideas just to slap them on Bookshires WWW page. I try to
make something WORTH reading. I'm still new to writing stories, so thats
another thing slowing me down. I've enjoyed almost every Sonic story on
that site; with or without the new characters. Im my opinion, if you think
you can make a new charcter to put in a story, whith a purpose, and
well-developed, I say go for it.

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