I don't *call*, I *E-Mail* Archie Comics :-)

From: David Gonterman <dgonterman_at_aol.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 96 17:49:41 -0800

Hey, Don't sweat it, Mr. Castigia. I just hope that my submission has
made it to the appointed address . . .

But on the lighter note, I'm wondering what's going on with the other
Archie Comics. I hear that you're getting rid of TMNT, correct me if I'm
wrong. (I did see Splinter as a human, *that* would be a sign.) I know
that it's outside the scope of the mailing list, so just respond to my
E-mail address:

David Gonterman (dgonterman_at_aol.com)

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