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> On 96-01-08 00:15:17 EST, Nomad (am I right?) wrote:
> > Now that's over....
> > How old is the oldest Freedom Fighter?
> If you mean in Knothole, I would have to say Sally is sixteen (Sally, Bunny,
> Sonic, Rotor, Dulcy, Tails, and Antoine <listed in random order, I swear> are
> the "standard" freedom fighters). In fact, I think that Sally is even older
> that
> Sonic. In one of the episodes, Sonic was fifteen, and Sally was sixteen
> throughout the whole year (two seasons). If you are talking about the whole
> Mobius, I have NO idea!
> Got any disagreements? Send them over.

At least Sally is more mature than Sonic.
Dulcy seems to me to be younger than the other FFs, as she isn't able to
lay eggs and talks like a young child, or are dragons just growing slower?

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