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     Elsewhere, the hedgehog in question discovered what had
happened. And was indulging himself in a litany of unusually
imaginative curses.
     "As though you had lost anything of import. You had a few
coppers, and single silver, true? And you're about to receive
fifteen royals-- gold royals at that. By Mosthe', we'll even throw
in a new purse." Bunnie looked at the incensed barbarian with ill-
concealed amusement.
     "Not the point, Bent-ear. Someone stole from ME-- Me, Son-Ak
of the Cad-Hai, the swift one, the runner, the--"
     "The compulsive whiner about trifles. "Now, hold your tongue
and your temper. The princess isn't impressed with either brags or
     Son-ak grudgingly complied. He was not looking forward to
meeting this city-princess, no doubt some homely inbred noblewoman
with an inflated ego and a temper to match, with few wits and no
forethought, and almost certainly--
     Then he was ushered into the audience hall by Bunnie, and for
a moment, Son-Ak, the swift, the runner, the warrior, forgot to
     Salar-Alicia, Princess of House Acorn, was a slender, well
formed ground squirrel. A mane of red-brown hair was contrasted by
eyes of a deep, almost hypnotic green. Dressed in white silks with
gold trim, (and frankly, not a great deal of them) white sandals,
and a simple tiara of office, she was simply the most beautiful
creature Son-AK had ever seen. (And when you're a travelling
barbarian adventurer , who spends most of his non-combat time in
taverns and bars, with the requisite scantily-clad exotic dancing
girls, you see a lot of beautiful creatures.)
     "This is the warrior you spoke of, Captain?"
     The warrior-bunny stepped forward, and knelt. "Yes, my
Princess. Three of Roboth-amon's iron men smashed by him. I
thought you would like to see such a marvel."
     "Indeed." Salar-Alicia rose from the couch she had been lying
on, and strode over to the dumbstruck hedgehog. "You hadn't
mentioned that he was so handsome, though."
     Son-ak just stood, transfixed at the proximity of the girl of
his dreams before him. Something inside him clamored for him to
say something-- anything-- and in horror he heard himself say,
"Aren't those clothes drafty?"
     Salar-Alicia blinked. And then began to giggle. "And he's
witty too!" She fell back onto the couch, laughing.
     Bunnie Rabbot was at that moment thinking very hard about
throwing herself on her sword. _Idiot barbarian..._
     Son-Ak was thinking similar thoughts... but realized that axes
were impractical for such actions. _Maybe I can borrow bent-ear's
     The princess/ mirth wound to a stop. "Oh, well... Warrior,
when you are a princess, there are certain expectations that the
people have of you. They expect me to be beautiful and alluring,
and unapproachable. Besides, if you can pull it off, why not? I
admit that this style of dress may not be practical, but I do not
need to be practical." She sighed, and added, "Once I am Queen,
then I move into gowns and gold. Tradition is a complex thing...
And I am bound by it."
     "Oh," replied Son-Ak. "Well... um... you wear it well.
Royalty, I mean, not the... AH, that is, you..."
     Salar-Alicia grinned. "Bunnie, when are you going to
introduce me to a male that doesn't react like this?"
     The rabbit sighed," When you gain twenty-five pounds and start
wearing a grain sack. " She stood, and grinned. "But it's a
fairly effective defense, I suppose, throwing a possible opponent
off guard."
     The princess frowned. "Must you see everything in terms of
defense or offense?"
     "Zat is 'er duty, Highness. As mine is to protect you in
making ze spells, nest pas'?"
     Son-Ak turned to meet the new voice. The vulpine stood
unimpressed, clad in a long elaborate robe, with a tangled mane of
gold hair falling about his shoulders. He carried a staff of
gnarled oak, and an expression of hauteur that almost immediately
antagonized the hedgehog.
     "Ah. The other of my closest aides. Son-Ak, meet Antos, my
personal sorcerer."
     Antos looked at Son-Ak with undisguised disdain, which changed
to suspicion. "Princess. Zat is the magic I am sensing." He
pointed to the hedgehog. "Zat... person, he is stinking of magic.
He is enchanted."
     Son-Ak growled. "Enchanted, spell-weaver? There's no magic
in me."
     Antos walked over to the barbarian, and sniffed. Before
Son-Ak could react, he nodded. "Non. Not you, but ze axe. Zat
axe is ze magical blade." He walked away, muttering.
     Bunnie sighed, "Never mind Antos, Son-Ak. He's a sorcerer.
All sorcerers are a bit peculiar."
     Son-Ak stood bewildered. "My axe is magic?"
     The princess smiled. "If Antos says it is, then it is."
     The barbarian hesitated. "Bah. That spellweaver's nose is
broken. I've no magic, and neither has this blade." He paused for
a moment, and suddenly blurted, "And where's my money?"
     Again the princess laughed. "Why, I had almost forgotten."
She picked up a small purse, and tossed it to the hedgehog. Son-Ak
caught it, and grinned himself at the heavy and satisfying feels of
     "Perhaps you will dine with me tonight? I hear little of the
world outside Mobius, and should like to hear of your adventures."
     "And I know he's gonna LOVE to tell you about them," muttered
Bunnie under her breath...

     The dark clad figure dropped from the windowsill, into the
shadows. Scurrying from alley to alley, he made his way to a less
than reputable tavern, where he climbed the back wall to another
window, and climbed in.
     Throwing back his hood, he revealed a human face (one of the
rarer races in the land), sharp, with an almost dagger-like nose
and a think unruly mane of brown hair. He reached into a pocket
hidden in his tunic, and bought out a small, oddly shaped mirror.
     "Master," he hissed. The mirror seemed to ripple for a
moment, and then to clear, showing the shadowy figure of Roboth-
     "Yes, Sniv?" the wizard of the East replied. "What have you
found out?"
     "Your golems were destroyed by one person, Master. A
hedgehog, with an enchanted axe." Sniv paused, and added, "A big
hedgehog. Blue, a northerner. And the Princess seems taken with
him, rather."
     "A hedgehog. I've little liking for the idea that my greatest
plan is to be spoiled by a hedgehog. Keep spying, Sniv, and keep
me informed. Meanwhile, I shall prepare a present for this

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