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From: Doug LoConti <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 20:27:07 -0500 (EST)

>On 96-01-08 00:15:17 EST, Nomad (am I right?) wrote:
>> Now that's over....
>> How old is the oldest Freedom Fighter?
>If you mean in Knothole, I would have to say Sally is sixteen (Sally,=
>Sonic, Rotor, Dulcy, Tails, and Antoine <listed in random order, I swear>=
>the "standard" freedom fighters). In fact, I think that Sally is even older
>Sonic. In one of the episodes, Sonic was fifteen, and Sally was sixteen
>throughout the whole year (two seasons). If you are talking about the whole
>Mobius, I have NO idea!
>Got any disagreements? Send them over.

Well, I know Mighty (my charachter) was 17. I say "was" because he was
"de-aged" to suite a certain Vixie Lamenta, who was only 10. She aged to
12, I (Mighty) "de-aged" to 12, that way we could be closer in age.

Princess Sally? Age wise, I don't know,....I DO know she was VERy stuck-up
before Robotnik took oppinion, but I think ol' Julian was the
best thing that ever happened to her, (which you see in eppisode negitive
one (-1))
Anyone agree/disagree? In fact, if it weren't 4 the takeover, would Sonic &
Sally ever have met to begin with/? Hmm.... something to PONDER! :)

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