From: Simon Howes <>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 1996 23:27:42 GMT

We interrupt this topic (Sorry) for a shameless plug about the up and coming
Sonic game.

The game requires mass system resources, and I'm going to be squezing clock
ticks out of your little processor till you can cook pizzas (very small
ones) between the CPU fan and CPU. Using skip-frame technology, and multi
detail levels, even a Pentium-133 with double barrel carburettor, overhead
cam, 12 speed-electic gearbox and watercooling won't be getting 1000 frames
a second,
just detail that'll blow your mind. While the good old "betsy" machine will
be getting reasonable quality, but not "jerkiness."

>What's a mettle?

Mettle is what a characters soul is made out of, IE.. "Where is you mettle
now great warrior?" and then, "I never lost it fool, and for daring to say
what you have I.." <REALITY BREAK> well, you get the idea. Twisted Mettle
it's a pun, cause there's plenty of twisted rusted metal in Roboland, and
there's also plenty of twisted mettle in you, if you've seen everyone you
love robotocized or killed. Get the idea? :) Let's just see whether it's
metal or mettle that's twisted when the game ends.

Someone asked about the obstacle course thing, and I agree.. hell I want
realism, we've all seen Mario and played it about half a zillion times till
we get these mega finger muscles and crush people's throats etc.. but that's
not really on topic.. the point is.. I don't like obstacle courses.. and
besides those swingy gizmos are hard to code. Now with the flying
characters, well I'l see what I can stick in and what not.. remember there's
not enough coffie in Africa to put *everything* in, course that's what
sequels are for... well I'll see what I can do... I'll give it my best shot.=

Hell I want something gripping, something where when the final boss toasts
you, you scream you feel pain, then violently bash you monitor in, not
seeing or feeling the blood seeping over your hands, then you begin kicking
the refridgerator door, till you get your hands on some coffie.. then you
hijack a weather station to get their CRAY-XMP, to get more FPS.. and they
end up calling up the SWAT-Team in who shoot you off while you're drinking
your coffie... but hell ... as you bleed to death you say.. "It sure was=


Um.. can you guys mail questions to me or mighty instead... the list guys
are my friends, and it's not really fair clogging their list up with junk
about Swat-teams, CRAY-XMP's and computer-car-talk.

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