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From: Erich Schulman (KTN4CA) Team OS/2 <"Erich>
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 1996 22:57:38 -0500 (EST)

Lately, there have been too many inappropriate posts to the Sonic list.

Please read this message carefully. You will be responisble for knowing
and following its content.

The Sonic PC Game ================= I have tried to be a little more
lenient on these posts as it is a fan project and not a Sega product
(Sega's games are already represented in 2 Usenet groups.) These posts
have begun to dominate the list and to overstep the list's purpose. As
stated in the Sonic list's new member introductory text, the list is for
discussion of the Sonic characters, cartoons, comics, and fan stories.
Many of these posts can scarcely (if at all) qualify as discussion of
Sonic characters, and are not at all discussions of the cartoons and

There appears to be enough interest in this project that a seperate list
should be considered. I, personally, support this idea. A seperate list
will help the main list return to its stated purpose as well as free
non-interested subscribers from having to receive these posts. The only
"inconvenience" to users I see is having to remember 2 posting addresses
rather than 1.

The leader(s) of this project might want to ask Ratman (nicely!) if he is
willing to set up a second list, or seek a LISTSERV site that will host
the list without a fee. Pobox.com will set up a mailing list for
interested persons for a fee, as will many local Internet Serivces
Providers. As a last resort, it is possible, albeit inconvenient, to run
a mailing list from a personal e-mail account.

Whether or not there is a second list, I am willing to go along with:
 a) Occasional posts to this list that recruit new persons to the
    development team and/or summarize the current state of progress
    in development of the game. Also, the final announcement of
    completion as well.
 b) Adding referrals to the team leader(s) to the new subscriber
    introductory text for this list.
 c) Adding referrals to the team leader(s) to this list's Web
    page (which really needs to be updated anyway).

Until and if a second list is formed, please begin taking these
inappropriate posts to private e-mail.

Sonic's Paper Game
Many of the issues concerning the PC game above apply to this game as
well. I have no problem with the announcement that this game was being
offered to interested persons. Posts discussing the game play overstep
this list's purpose. The "I want a copy" posts should definitely have
been sent directly to the person making the announcement and not to the
entire mailing list.

Respect For Other Users
Contributions are what keep this list alive, but are not required of
anyone. Who really wants to read posts that say "I have nothing to say
but I have to say something, so here's my message."? You have the right
to be active or lurking according to your own interest and personal time
availability. Do not hurl insults at someone or a group of persons
because they aren't active enough to satisfy you -- or for any other
reason, for that matter. If you have a problem with a subscriber on the
Sonic list, send e-mail to that person and/or sonic_at_rat.org (with a copy
of the offending post).

What next?
Advisements and administrative warnings have already gone out to some
persons. I hope this message will eliminate the need for me to send any
more such messages. Anyone who now posts or continues to post
inappropriate messages is subject to being deleted from the subscriber

Be aware that the Sonic list could also become a moderated list. I would
not want to see this happen because it would cause posts to be delayed up
to 48 hours (not to mention the effort it would take me to forward
*every* message to the list). Please think before you post, and don't
make this become a moderated list.

Adulations or flames regarding this message or any other administrative
issue should be sent to sonic_at_rat.org and not posted to the list.

Thank you for your attention and expected co-operation.

Erich Schulman (KTN4CA)
Member of Team OS/2
Manager, "Sonic the Hedgehog" mailing list
[sonic_at_rat.org / acme_at_use.usit.net]

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