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On Thu Jan 4 21:31:44 1996, Doug LoConti wrote:

>>I called up this game's home page, and got kind of dissapointed. >>The
first thing that I saw, was (Cool, "saw" spelled backwards!) >>a sort of a
blue-print for a sonic video game level. That blue->>print looked like a
typical, SEGA made Sonic level. I thought you >>guys were going to use
DiC/Archie style for this game. I mean >>adding a forrest (Great f.) a dark,
poluted, Robotropolis, and that >>kind of stuff, not just some obstacle
course :'( .
>>My friend, who is begging me to make up some excuse to let his >>dad use
AOL for E-mail (That's right, he wants to join), thought >>up of an idea to
use some small missions, and make the plot
>>desighned by the player (loose this level, Robotnik captures >>somebody.
Then either replay the level, or keep playing). I have >>also thought up of
an idea, that you guys might use some 3D
>>scenes, kind of like special level StH 2, but with way better >>graphics.
My friend also sujested that tha player migh use some >>flying vehicle at
least once in a game (in my upcoming story, >>Sonic knocks off the torso of a
Flight-bot, and then uses the >>hover section to make his getaway <no more
>>Hope that picture was a dud, and my ideas help.

>;) Dood, that wasn't a picture... that was a scan from something >TOTALLY
different....the ONLY thing on there right now is specs of >what the game
will have. That picture means nothing, (although >I'm HOPING to get screen
shots up within the next few days..) >Don't be dissapointed...there's
nothing there (as of now..) you'll >see....just keep checking it and watch
for changes!

OH, GOD THAT'S A RELIEF!!! Why did you post it there, anyway?

"If it ain't blue, don't get it!" - ME (A rule I try to follow)

                                                Dmitry (Sonic Fan) Murashchik

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