Bye friends... see you next connection!

Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 17:41:57 -0600

Hi there and bye ..see you on six months.I was very happy in know you all,
my good friends I really will miss you all this time.At the moment Im
looking for a new internet company cheaper than this one that I have to can
log in again but at the moment I will say goodbye and it s the end of my
email.I will be back with another name and a different company I promisse!
Bye !Donīt sedn anything to my email because the messages will be rejected
,send it to the lists and If I can read it I will be lucky.Today is my last
day and I will desuscribe today from the Soniclists.Bye until next time!I
love you all Sonicfans *hug*!

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