Re: Hi Dan! (I mean Drazen.)

From: John W. Johnston <>
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 96 22:59:35 MST

>Hi Dan (Drazen)! I finaly got to hear from you!
>Thanks for giving such a nice reply to my questions on Mobius Idiots :') .
>I have a question. In Bloodlines, did Bunny kiss Sandy because she was a
>le___an, or because they were like a same person, going through the same
>childhood pains, and getting ripped in two was a very devastating thing (kind
>of like a good-bye to myself kiss)?
>I am hoping that the last one was it, and that whoever read it and thought it
>was the first one, would think again.

I believe the answer is your second responce - both girls are going through
the same problems - being partially roboticized and will eventually be
sudduced by the "Roboticization Syndrome", the illness where your flesh
becomes contaminated by your mechanical parts.

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