Re: 'Twisted Mettle' Plot?

From: Doug LoConti <>
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 1996 15:18:07 -0500 (EST)

> Okay, first things first:
> I'm (hopefully :>) the story board HOW CAN I CREATE A STORY
>BOARD?!?! Yeash! Help here?
>Send to: MY ADDRESS!! (yeah...gozit?)

Everyone, LISTEN UP! :)

We need a list of people working on this project. It's going to be big, and
we'll need losta beta's (game testers), artists, etc. Here's what I'm
working with, (as I am <trying to be> the co-ordinater of this):
Lead Programer ииии Ablater (Simon Howes)
Sound d00d ииии Michael's Brother (can't remember his name..Aaron=
 Rheyes, I
Background artist<S?> ииии Douglas LoConti (that's me)
Plot designer ииии (above, can't read)

I mean, this is ALL i have right now! :) We need more info, (there's
probably more people working on this, Simon knows the rest of them,) I was
on with Simon for about 15 minutes today, (long distance sucks, especially
international,) this is all under hat right now, but I understand the=

This game is going to be one of if not THE sweetest game for the PC ever
Sega can't touch us, since this is FANDOM, and we're not making a buck off
of it. In other words, it's legal to make this game.
The music score is going to be AWESOME, (and I can personally garentee this,
because:) I know the sound boy, and the way we're importing this to PC is a
method NOT used b4, but will be an excellent method at that.

If you are on this project and NOT LISTED ABOVE, write me at:
giving me your FULL REAL NAME, what you're doing, and your telephone number,
(no, not so I can prank you, so I can call and get some info,) and of course
everything is confidintial. Myself and Simon will be the only ones that get
your number. Well, anyways, it's important. It's kind of hard to make a
game when you don't know who's on the team, ya know? Well, as far as I can
tell, this is what we still need:

* MORE plot designers (those that take this job MUST WORK TOGETHER!)
* LEAD PROGRAMMERS (to help Simon; he can't do ALL the work!) :)
* SOUND TESTERS, COMPOSERS, PORTERS, (that is, you have to be able to
convert sound)
* ARTISTS! For the charachter poses! Make them small, (one square inch?)
send them to
            Simon or myself
* And, of course, LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of beta testers!!! (write me, if
you want to be
           one; I think >10< will suffice.)

IF you choose to write me, please give me all the info I requested, and
you'll be "officially" added to the team. Like I said, Simon is working on
his sound system-once that's up and running, this thing will be underway.
REMEMBER! This is important. If you decide to join/help our "team", you
will have your name in the credits! :) And who knows where it leads from
there.... >>hopefully<< $ega will buy our little "idea", and we'll all get
rich. <g> Well, write me if you can help.

sorry for the long message,

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