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From: Simon Howes <>
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 1996 19:05:38 +0200

>Can the game be played on a 386, or does it have to be Pentium?

Hmm.. Well as I don't have a pentium, I have this odd feeling it will be
running on 386 code. Basically I am putting in multiple routines for
gameplay, so my 486dx40 can handle it with fair GFX. A 386 (might) cope, but
it depends.. I know for one thing. A 386DX40 with Local Bus VGA.. outnumbers
my measly 16bit VGA card... and should do fine for the game. [Of course I'm
not cutting FX there.. I have a DX4-100 in the next room with a VLBVGA, so I
will be coding for that too.. meaning from machine to machine you'll get
different GFX levels. Except for CRAY-XMP's that is.. It looks like I just
can't work out how to real time ray-trace everything.]

>BTW. I have to ask... Will Tails be in it?

in FT terms.

:smiles, "and more TOO!"

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