Re: sonic in the parade!

Date: Fri, 24 Nov 95 15:20:00 -0500

-> Hey bud, Sonic didn't crash in '94. I know 'cause I was at the Macy's
-> parade last year. He crashed in '93 which was the first year he was
-> in the parade.

Oh sorry typo

-> And guess what, it happened again! The blue blur went down at 57th &
-> Broadway. It seems he got tangled in the trees and light stanchions
-> along the parade route, and that pretty much ripped him to shreds.
-> He'll be in it next year I'm sure, once they get him patched up.
-> Those high winds are murder. I hope everyone out in cyspace had a
-> happy Thanksgiving. Later.

Humm. Didn't hear about that. When I saw the earleyer message about the
baloon problem I guessed they where talking about back in 93.

Does Robotnik have a wind machien?

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