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The Chaotix comic just appeared in my local stores; I was very surprised to
see it this early.

This message contains detailed information on the Chaotix comic. If you have
not read this book, do not read any further unless you want to see what
happens before reading the book.

Erich Schulman (KTN4CA)
Team OS/2

Knuckles' Chaotix #1

Fan mail: none
Fan art: a) Sonic and Geoffrey St. John
          b) Knuckles and Sally, with hearts between them
          c) Clash of the characters, Freedom Fighters against Chaotix
                FF: Amy, Bunnie, Sally, Antoine, Tails, Rotor, Sonic
                Ch: Knuckles, Charmy Bee, Vector, Mighty, Espio
             Below, Robotnik says, "I can't believe it! They're
             fighting each other instead of me!

The Chaos Effect, Part 1
The Freedom Fighters go to an amusement park. Renfield T. Rodent leads
them into the Hall of Mirrors. Sally doesn't like the way she appears
in the mirror, but Rotor, Tails, and Antoine like the way they appeared.
Sonic senses something is wrong. Suddenly, a light comes on and the
Freedom Fighters are trapped inside the mirrors. Robotnik emerges and
tells Knuckles that he and Renfield were responsible. Knuckles is about
to use his knuckles on Robotnik but finds he can't: Robotnik also
transformed Knuckles' body leaving his powers null and void.

The Chaos Effect, Part 2
Knuckles contemplates his situation. Then comes the grand debut of Charmy
Bee, Espio, Vector (portrayed as a rap musician), Mighty the Armadillo (who
can walk through mountains), and Heavy and Bomb. Heavy and Bomb say they
were Robotnik's prized robots, but he inadvertently let them gain consciences.
Knuckles doubts them, but they prove themselves by bringing the Chaotix to
Robotnik's power gems and experimental weapons cache.

The Chaos Effect, Part 3
Thinking he has won, Robotnik compliments Renfield on a job well done. But
Knuckles triggers an alert at Robotnik's headquarters. Caught off-guard,
Robotnik releases an upgraded Mecha-Sonic. Charmy Bee and Espio lead the
fight against Mecha-Sonic, followed by Knuckles and Vector, and then Mighty
gives it a final punch. Just when the Chaotix think they can relax, a large
red mechanoid approaches. Knuckles himself becomes large using the power gem.
The red mechanoid crashes into the hall of mirrors, setting the Freedom
Fighters free. Robotnik escapes on a moon rocket but doesn't allow Renfield
to escape with him. Renfield tries to escape alone but is soon caught in a
cage and taken away.

Archie asks the readers, "Want to see more of Knuckles and the Chaotix?
Write and let us know!"

Tag! Your It!

   Spelling error on the credits page.
   Title was given as "Tag! Your It!" Charmy's ballon correctly says "you're".

The Chaotix frolic in a game of tag. Charmy tags Mighty, Mighty tags
Vector, Vector tags Espio, Espio tags Charmy, "... and the game goes on!"

The Hunt Is On!
Knuckles races in and informs they are under attack but he's not quite
sure who the attacker is. He says, "There's a new player in town --
calls himself Archimedes. It's not clear if he's a friend or foe!".
Suddenly, Vector falls into a deep hole. As the others prepare to get
him out, they come under attack. A robot appears and reaches towards
Mighty who looks forward to the challenge of fighting it -- and both end
up on the ground. Knuckles and Espio begin to run. When they pause, a
pair of hands appears behind them and silently snatches Espio away. Now
Knuckles must choose between his friends and protecting the Floating Island.

Announced books
"Sonic vs Knuckles" #1 (on sale Feb 1996)
Sonic #31 (return of Geoffrey St. John, Knuckles and Rotor solo stories)
Tails #3

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