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>>>>>>>>>>>>Blood And Metal Update<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

To be posted on the AOL Sonic Bullitin Boards and the
Sonic Mailing List....

As things like this often do, there were some errors
I made in Blood and Metal after I actually posted them,
dealing with chara design, credits given, and what not.
Being someone who wants to give a story that's as
contunity sound as possible, I've given three of my
seven chapters revisions that are listed below:

1) The entire story line will be re-titled, "Blood
and Metal Alpha." This is because BAM will be a
contuning story, and will be broken off into "books"
denoted by greek letter (for now). BAM Beta will begin
in December and will introduce a new "Wild Pack" chara,
as well as a "Wild Pack" deiety who takes a liking to
Mr. Crockett.

2) Davey was in error when he first saw Bear. To the
normal Mobian, according to Daniel Davis' chara design,
Bear (in fox mode) looks like an 25 year old brown fox.
Davey looked in those Deep Blue pools that Bear has for
eyes, and saw him as somewhat older, wiser, and grayer.
It could be that Davey inadvertingly saw the Hermit
side of Bear, but Davey doesn't know about the Hermit
yat and wasn't sure; he just filed it away into cold
storage for later. In BAM ALPHA, chapter II, I altered
the storyline to include this scene and get Bear's
description straight.

3) Also with Bear, in BAM ALPHA VII, I've got the credit
wrong. Silly Phracking Me. So I corrected it.

4) I noticed that, in a still shot from the Saturday Cartoon
Series, King Acorn is a fox! Since I wanted BAM to be the
continuation of that series, I had to hake that adjustment.

What I do with these revisions is place them in my WWW Page
[] and put a blinking
"Revised" next to them. I will also exit the Deluxe Editions
accordingly, if Ratman will allow me to upload the corrected
version of BAM ALPHA I DELUXE into his web page. I do not
know if Tooner will let me replace the chapters in the
Archives with these updated ones, but I'll assume that you
have already got them all, and can just download the upgrade
from my WWW Page.

I also tried to answer, a little bit incorectly, about what
the treated bodies from Davey's modified Roboticizer is made
of.. Symon Kielb asked if they were organic. I answered that
they were a Bio-Genetic Polly-Alloy. I got the Bio-Genetic
right, but the new bodies are certainly not metallic, as "Polly-
Alloy" would have you believe. This will teach me never to
answer E-Mail at 11 P.M, trying to answer something I'm trying
to figure out myself. What I wanted to say that the
new flesh is not their original bodies, but artificially made
from the Roboticizing over what is already Roboticized. That
can be why Bunnie can switch from Flesh to Metal at will. Note
to Detail Mongers: The modifications done to the Roboticizer
had the Feedback Loop (Which occurs when Roboticizer meets Robot,
as in Princess Sally #3) in mind and took steps to advoid it.
How, I have no idea.

Thank you for your cooperation as I give my stories some
"Home Improvement"....har, har, har

David Gonterman []

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