Sonic eats Kevin.

From: Simon Howes <>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 18:44:39 +0200


>Hi Ablater
>Hey I love the idea of the M team meet the Sonic FF.Definitively I give my
>vote for you,,,,I d like to read that way cool story.And that would be crazy
>and weird on the Bookshire page.You "must" put in your page.
>Your friend
>P.D. I like that of Clarkmeister

Yello! Well, cause I got some spare time on my hands, and though I should be
'cramming' for the Technical Drawing test tamorrow, whatda hell.. I'll finish
the story today.. Hopefully I'll be able to get all the typos out too, if I
can I will post it tonight .. hopefully.. Oh shit, but it's hard for me to type
now.. my hands are freezing, seems the British weather has drifted down here.

Okay, well I'm going.. darn this will delay work on my third Sonic story..
gee too bad.. OH.. another thing, I will mail this story to the Clarkwaster
dude, perhaps he will explode or something.. if he returns the mail, then I
will lock my moron mailer onto him for eternity. (Whereby sending him mindless
messages.. forever!)

** A note to all computer users planning on comitting murder **

.. Whipped to death by a PS/2 Mouse!
.. Throat slit by a 360.
.. Clubbed to death by a keyboard.
.. Smothered by a spill-proof keyboard.
.. Face mauled by a spinning harddrive.
.. Thrown through a processor fan.
.. Fingers amputated by closing CDROM door.
.. Hung by a laplink cable.
.. Stabbed to death by a dot-matrix's pins.
.. Set alight by hot exhaust gasses from power supply.
.. Decapitated by a controller card.
.. Torture-tattoo'd by a Cyrix DX-40.
.. Impaled by ejected 720 from powerful drive springs.
.. CRT Implodes impaling user with cathode ray gun.

*FLUSH* And I'm gone like the wind.

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