Re: Sonic cartoon

Date: Sun, 19 Nov 1995 15:04:13 EST

>Anybody have all of the episodes? Checking one last time..... Thanx!

As of tomorrow morning, I'm going to start taping them. I woke up last
Sunday at 7 am after staying up 'til midnight watching Mad TV to the
melodious sounds of my little brother shaking me and shouting, "Thad!
Happy Sonic! Happy Sonic!" (we differentiate between the two cartoons by
calling one "Happy Sonic" and the other "Crappy Sonic"...hey, it fits,
doesn't it?!), which I had given him permission to do if he ever saw it on,
no matter how little sleep I'd gotten the night before and no matter how
early it was (the "Cartoon Express" block in our TV listings begins at 4
AM...GET REAL, USA!!!!). So, long story short, I now know what time the
Sunday Sonic is on in my area, have seen all but the first five minutes of
Sonic's Nightmare, and will not watch Mad TV tonight but instead prepare a
tape and set my alarm for 6:50.


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