Nothing for Granted, Part 5/7

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Nothing for Granted
A Sonic the Hedgehog story
by Kris Kelley

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Part 5

Four days to go...

     "Rotor, are you sure this thing will work?"
     "Of course it will, Sonic. I do recommend everyone keep their
seatbelts fastened, however. The ride could get quite bumpy."
     Sonic snapped on the harnesses to the carriage, on of Rotor's latest
inventions. "Everybody all nice and snug back there?"
     Sally's voice hinted at the nervousnous they were all feeling about
what was certain to be a memorable ride. "I think so."
     "Okay!" Sonic took out a power ring and began to concentrate.
"Let's juice!"
     A blinding flash, a clap of thunder, and they were off...

     There was a knock at the door, and she answered it. "Sebastian!"
     "Alison we have to tell you something. This is Sonic and Sally of
the Knothole Freedom Fighters."
     Sally stepped up. "Nice to meet you Alison, and I wish it could be
under different circumstances, but there's something you should know..."

     Alison sighed. "I should have known this would happen. Okay, I know
who I need to call. I'll see if they can come over tonight..."

     "He's going to what??" All around the room, people gasped in horror.
     Sally nodded and displayed the message on Nicole's screen for them to
see. "There is no time to second guess this, so please, listen to me. We
need to come up with a plan that will not only get this city evacuated,
but will make sure that there is enough time before Robotnik has a chance
to find you. We need to get started on this plan tonight. Here's what I
want you to do to begin with..."

     The populous was alerted, and everybody soon understood the gravity
of what was happening. The city of Nilreb slept fitfully that night,
haunted by dreams of what would happen if Robotnik succeeded in his plan.
The next morning, however, they awoke with a new purpose: to do
everything they could to keep that from happening.

Three days to go...

     People were sent to explore the surrounding areas for available
refuge, when the time for them came.

     The Freedom Fighters, together with Nilreb's computer workers, worked
to gleen more information from Robotnik's computers about what he intended
to do.

     Everybody was gathering supplies, looking for ways to use the least
amount of space possible.

     The city was a little quieter than normal, and if the Swat-Bots were
better programmed to recognize emotion, they may have been concerned. But
they stood their posts, oblivious.

     Back in Robotropolis, Robotnik chuckled, looking over the reports
saying all was normal with Nilreb. "Just three more days, Snively. I
cannot wait to see the looks on their faces!"
     A drop of sweat rolled down Snively's cheek. "Y-yes, sir."

Two days to go...

     Sally, Sebastian, and Alison used the information drawn from the
Robotropolis computers to form a plan.

     Bunnie, Tolouse, and a human named Glyn oversaw the moving of
supplies to a series of underground caves. A network of tunnels
underneath the city served this purpose well. As Alison had said, "in
times like this, you take a few precautions."

     Cat, Antoine, Sonic, and the humans Edward and Melissa saw to it that
any questions were answered. Now was not the time for any uncertainty.

One day to go...

     The blur of preparations were coming to an end, and the plan was
being finalized.

     Most of Nilreb's population would be leaving the city that night,
while those staying behind would attend a special "announcement" that
Robotnik was planning to make at the town park. Robotnik's plan, they had
found out, was to reveal his plans to roboticize the humans at this time,
at which point the Swat-Bots would storm the crowd as well as all of the city.
     The humans had access to a small collection of explosives, and now,
they would serve a purpose. At the right time, explosives planted at
certain points in the park would detonate, destroying the army of
Swat-Bots. Meanwhile, the Freedom Fighters and other humans hidden
throughout the city would take care of the rest. If all went well, all
the humans would be safely out of the city, and by the time Robotnik was
able to send for more Swat-Bots, the humans would be safely hidden in the
caves or beyond, ready to lead their new lives.

     That afternoon, Sally and Alison talked to the Freedom Fighters and
the humans that were to help in the final execution of the plan.
     "...Okay, are there any final questions?"
     The room was silent.
     "Okay. Go home. Get some sleep if you can. Good luck to everybody

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