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Tails Miniseries#1 [Dec 1995]
"Southern Crossover" -- Part 1
Story: Mike Gallagher; Art: Dave Manak
     Who's that amusing himself with preadolescent delusions of
grandeur? It's Tails, depicting himself as a comic book hero
[artwork by Gallagher] while continuing to nurse a grudge against
the older freedom fighters, and coming off more and more like an
obnoxious little ingrate (sorry, but his character's getting
REALLY disagreeable here!). After some exposition for anyone who
missed "Growing Pains" Sally shows up; Tails hides his comic art
as well as the documentation that was the set-up for this
miniseries. Sally tries to make Tails understand why the Sea Fox
wasn't filled with oil; Tails, still resentful, casts off at the
first opportunity.
     Meanwhile, Robotnik prepares his blimp to head for Southern
Mobius to supply his robo-underboss, Crocbot (I think Sonic would
appreciate the use of the word "blimp" in the same sentence as
"Robotnik" but anyway....). We're made aware that Crocbot has
every intention of eventually overthrowing Robotnik and taking
over the whole shooting match himself, with the aid of his Wing
Dingoes (impressive bots, stupid name!).
     Tails, while out on the open sea, notices a shadow being
cast on the water by nothing -- it's the blimp, which has been
cloaked except for the underside; since the course of the blimp
would have taken it over the open seas, who knew? Tails flies in
for a closer look but is zapped by two SWATbots. He comes to
before hitting the water and created two water spouts to sink the
SWATbots. When he tries to reboard the Sea Fox, who should be
waiting for him but the octobot from "Submersible Rehearsal"
[Triple Trouble special]. It trashes the Sea Fox and pulls Tails
     Tails comes to and discovers that though he was on the verge
of drowning he was rescued by several underwater freedom
fighters: Bottlenose, a dolphin; Ray, a manta; P.B., a jellyfish
X-P; an unnamed giant clam; and Fluke, a blue whale. With the
Sea Fox totalled, Fluke gives Tails a ride to Doununda. To be
De-Tails (letters): Most noteworthy item was a response to a
question about Tails' parents: "You'll eventually find...out
[about Tails' parents] in Sonic's comic book." It appears that a
Tails origin and/or reunion story is in the works.

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