The Hunt Begins

Date: Sat, 11 Nov 1995 01:53:53 EST

I know I've already mentioned my story, The Hunt Begins, several times, but
I want to mention it now for the newbies and also to change the subject to
something pleasant.

Anyhoo, it involves the retelling of the sacking of Bluebrook, but this
time with flame-throwers and a new villain named Crotswurth. It also
solves some mysteries Jaded Views hinted at, such as all the gory details
of Packbell's creation and how Maxl/Jade/Tracker came to be. But it's just
the beginning. It's also an allusion to two upcoming storylines (each by
one of the authors of Jaded Views): The 72 Hour Series, by Steven Tramer,
in which Maxl goes on a mad dash through a whole bunch of different
probabilities to stop a whole bunch of different -- but all equally evil --
Crotswurths from destroying and/or (the or being MUCH more likely 8D)
taking over each one; and Ignition Factor, by yours truly, a story about
how the young and apparently defective Hedgehog Xavier Chaos goes on a
series of adventures to prove his worth to the Powers that Be...but, more
importantly, to himself.


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