Re: Screen Grab help

From: Simon Howes <>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 19:57:48 +0200


> I remember, some time ago, seeing someone who said they could get
>a screen grab from the Sonic cartoons. I need to find this person because
>there is a screen grab I need.I am assembling a file that requires a particular
>screen grab from an Adventures of Sonic video, which is available in stores.
> I need to contact this individual, so I can complete my file.
>Thanx in advance to whoever can help....

Hmm, got a VideoBlaster Se100 and 55 High Density .AVI Laden disks, 6Meg of JPGS
,4.8M of Gifs.. Oh yah, did I mention it's all Sonic stuff? But most of it is
the crappy syndicated video series.

How can I help mate?

Ablater [a-blay-ter]

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