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From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 1995 13:34:28 CST

> Other discrepancies:
> Perhaps one of the biggest was putting Knothole underground in the
> beginning, whereas the TV show never had Knothole anywhere but out in
> the open.
> Uncle Chuck: the comics made him out to be a general tinkerer/chili dog
> vendor, while "Blast to the Past" held that he was working for the
> government when roboticized. The circumstances of his mind being
> restored also differ -- compare Sonic #30 with the "Sonic Conversion"
> episode.

My guess is that Archie has changed a few things in order to be creative
vs simply copying what happened on the TV show.

To add to the discrepancy... one of those 'novelettes' had Uncle Chuck
deroboticized and staying with the freedom fighters right away.

The first novelette also called Sally a chipmunk and Rotor a sea lion.
It was probably written before they got any 'official word' though.


Tails Miniseries #2

I got the 2nd installment of the Tails mini-series recently.
It looks like they managed to tie up a few loose ends here
from other storylines. Crockbot is pretty cool but overall
I like the Sally miniseries better so far.

I remember an old Marvel comic series where every once in a while
they'd add a whole mess of new characters and never really do
anything with them except show off their powers once or twice.
I'm reminded of that in the Tails mini-series.

One thing I noticed here vs. the Sally mini-series is that the
new characters have about the same level of abstraction as the
original cast (I mentioned that before when commenting on the
Sally mini-series... all the new characters there, although
drawn well, didn't seem to 'mesh with the style' of the old
characters.. as if they came from a different comic book)

   James Firmiss

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