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Date: Mon, 6 Nov 95 17:10:29 MST

>If you've seen "Harmonic Sonic" (it was on USA yesterday), did you notice
>the robots playing music? Isn't that clearly a violation of Robotnik's
>laws as stated in the comics.
        Music is a violation of Robotnik's rules. But then again, the music
was being played on the SkySpy space station, miles out of Robotnik's reach.
For the sake of discussion, if Robotnik was on the SkySpy, the robots
would probably not play their music.
        BTW. There was a similar instance in Star Trek 6. At the formal
dinner on the Enterprise, the Klingons mentioned that Romulan Ale was
illegal in the Federation. Kirk made a comment about " of the
advantages being thousands of light years away." ;-)

>We've already had 2 or 3 discussions over what year it is on Mobius, and
>other things that are different between the weekend cartoon and the
>comics. If someone is willing to compile a list of what's different
>between the Sonic worlds (books, Archie comics, Fleetway comics, weekend
>cartoon), I'll put it on the ftp site. Or, this could go in one of the
>Sonic FAQ's.

I can give you two to start with. First - Tails' age. When he was
introduced in Sonic 2, he was only 3. When the comic was started two
years ago, he was 4 or 5. During the Adventures of Sonic cartoon, Tails
was exactly 4 1/2. But, during one episode in the second season of the
weekend Sonic (I don't recall the name, but it was the one that involved the
Power Stones), Sally said he was 10. Later, the comics took notice and
modified his age.
        The second discrepency - the real name of the walrus handyman.
When he was introduced in the comic, his name was Boomer. But, when the
weekend Sonic showed him, his name was Rotor. In issue #12 (Sonic's
Christmas Carol), the comic officially changed his name to Rotor. They
first used his new name in the story, then they gave an explanation about
the name change in the SonicGrams section. They said they didn't want to
create any conflicts with the TV show. (TOO LATE!!)

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