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Date: Mon, 30 Oct 95 14:12:05 MST

>In response to this passage:
>> However, for the king, if you remember the Sonic second season episode,
>>"The Void", when they brought back the king, he started to turn into crystal.
>>So, to save his life, they had to send him back.<<<
>The crystalization occurred because King Acorn spent way too much time in the
>void, more than two TV seasons! In that episode, Sonic, Sally, and Bunnie
>got back safely because their visit was short, and their bodies didn't have
>the chance to adjust to the void's effects, unlike Nagus and His Majesty, who
>found the sudden change in enviroment too much for their well-re-adjusted
>bodies. It is just the same reason why you'll won't find a crystal Robotnik
>statue where Lard-butt stands comes Sonic #31.
>However, there are some alternatives being thought up to bypass this
Perhaps Robotnik has encountered some problem that he alone is not able to
handle. So, he maybe trying to bring back Nagus to help him with this
problem, whatever it is. Hypothetically speaking, of course. ;-)

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