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>So far you came across OK. BTW, thanx for the summaries of Sonic #30
>and Tails 1/3.
>Maybe I missed something in my read of the synopsis, but was the
>original intent to simply send Uncle Chuck into and out of the Void? If
>so, what was THAT supposed to accomplish? It also sounds as if the
>story is based on the Gallagher miniseries to explain origins (as
>opposed to the Allee/Hurst Tradition in "Blast to the Past.)"

As far as I know, sending Sir Charles into and out of the Void was the
original intent. As you read, later on, Robotnik was also sent into the
Void. Perhaps he was anticipating someone sending him into the Void. So
he must have created a failsafe, just in case (And it did happen). However,
for the king, if you remember the Sonic second season episode, "The Void",
when they brought back the king, he started to turn into crystal. So, to save
his life, they had to send him back.

>And is it me, or does the idea of a blimp with a cloaking device that
>doesn't cover the underside make no sense unless you plan on installing
>it upside-down?

Hey, Robotnik is just like a "shade-tree" mechanic - will spend $200 to
save $5. Besides, he didn't anticipate Tails seeing through the cloak so

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