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Date: Thu, 26 Oct 1995 01:46:32 +1000

>> Just for the rec., Sonic#30 showed up here in Newcastle, Oz, this
>> past weekend. (Fri Oct 20)
                             ^ UTC
> Do you mean you have received it by post, or has it appeared in
> shops in your area? I have only checked 2 of my local stores so
> far. One has no Sonic comics and the other has only #28.

They're `Direct Editions', beamed straight into my folder along with
my other regular orders at a franchise comic store here. (I think
the regular newsagents are still at issue #26/27..) The owner told
me after I came to collect Tails#1 that I'm definitely the most
eclectic reader in the area. :)

Is Tails#1 the first time that Manak has drawn Sally with the
`Mawhinney' vest? I liked the Wing Dingoes (I've heard that
somewhere before..) and the Ockerified Swatbots. :)

How else thinks that the last story in Sonic#30 might have been a
big surprise planned by Mawhinney to introduce his new design for
Bunnie? Naah, unlikely. :)

Chris,, (would be very happy if he no longer sees that ugly `Kewpie-doll' look)

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