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Date: Sat, 14 Oct 1995 01:41:47 EDT

>Here's another surpising thing. From what we know, you can't robotisize
>something that's already robotisized. Ie: You can't turn something from
>flesh to metal, if it's already metal. Now. With this in mind, once that
>Robotisizor ray hit Sally, why didn't the "Free will" disc blow up? If
>the writers forgot this, a good thing that the disc fell off, no? The
>explosion wouldn't have been all that great, but even so....

True, which gives me a GREAT story idea...why didn't they send Bunnie
instead of Sally? I mean, you COULD say "Robotnik's not THAT stupid", but
OTOH, he was stupid enough to let Sonic live in #27 when he had a chance to
kill him...


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