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Subject: New rules: Notes from the Net

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>To all those who wish to have their comments considered for publication in
>Archie's Sonic The Hedgehog comic books, please follow these rules:
>1.) email all comments to and INCLUDE THE SUBJECT
>HEADING: "Notes From The Net" on ALL email
>2.) Please send only comments specifically about the comic books. I know
>a lot of you post "general" messages about the games, animation and comic
>books (all in one message); but it makes our job easier if the email you
>send to us is JUST about the comics, so please edit the mail you send to
>us to our specifications. (also, remember-- this is for the Archie
>version, not Fleetway).
>3.) Please note that getting your letter in the comic is at the sole
>discretion of Archie Comics and the editor, and there is no guarantee that
>your letter will see print. Archie also reserves the right to edit your
>letters for space, content or grammatical considerations.
>Thank you.
>Paul Castiglia
>Archie Comics

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