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Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 23:40:21 -0700 (PDT)

>From Sonic The Hedgehog,

        After having a pretty hectic week, I have finally put up three
pictures for all to view: they may be found at rat.org's ftp site.

        Sonic&Miles.jpg : a picture taken from the comic book and
renovated for more better color clarity and sharpness. Enjoy, everyone!

        TailsNew2.Jpg : A way past cool picture of our fave. Orange fox
doing the classic wave. Notice the sonic sneakers are on. :^) This
picture was hand drawn by yours truly and inked with india ink and
scanned and polished in Photoshop and uploaded. Enjoy!

        SonicandTails.jpg : This is hand drawn then inked in with india
ink. My artwork has considerably improved since the heydays, thanks to
my friend who helped me learn how to use india ink properly. Color is
supplied by Photoshop again. Its of Sonic and Tails posing. Tails is
smirking at Sonic while Sonic does his WAY PAST COOL thumbs up.

        One more new picture will be posted soon. keep your eyes out for
it, Tails fans! ITs gonna knock all of your socks off! ;^)

                                                From the coolest hedgehog,
                                                Bryant "Sonic" Melesko
                                                Sonic The Hedgehog

P.S.: Please feel free to send feedback to me regarding the pictures and
how I can improve on them. I am going to draw more sonic and tails
pictures as soon as midterm week clears up.

email: vboao0f2_at_huey.csun.edu

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