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 [...] but I really don't think that Fiona has had any time (considering
> her behavior) to evolve any, like the other mechanical being's I've
> listed. After all, there's no guarantee that she would anyway, unless
> Robotnik had incorporated some of the "self awareness and adaptability
> programs from his EVE schematics into Fiona and the other robots he
> created...

Don't forgot Robotnik also has the technology from the replicants appearing
in Sally's miniseries. Maybe the original Fiona is around somewheres...

>> Finally, with the part with the tear in Fiona's eye [...]

Weird Hypothesis[tm] time-- the hydrolic fluid used in the robots is
acutely hygroscopic, and immersion in water causes this fluid it to
expand (blame cheap manufacture for the robots not being osmosis-
proof :), the articulated joints then cease, and sometimes the
internal tubing ruptures and the machine begins to leak...
My flatmate gives a lot of attention to the braking system
in his Mini-Minor, I get to see this all the time. :)


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