STORY: Seeing Stars (4/4) (Epilogue)

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     The group arrived back at Knothole amid cheers for the success of the
mission. Vision had changed back into a fox earlier, to avoid startling too
many others in Knothole, and was mingling with the crowd quite well. Sonic
was, of course, aggrandizing his role in the mission for everyone. Antoine
was, of course, exaggerating his role. Tails excitedly shared what he
experienced with anyone and everyone. This went on for about an hour,
before everything went back to normal.
     Vision, Sonic, Sally, and Bunnie were sitting by a tree stump, after
the crowd died down. "It's too bad we can't get help like you provided us
on our mission everyday, Vision.." said Sally.
     "Yeah, " added Sonic, "Though I guess I do understand that Third Rule
of yours, at least a little, it's still too bad we can't get your help
     Vision just grinned... "Well, yanno... I have a feeling we might be
help out a little bit here and there in the future.. Bunnie, you still got
that 'toy' I gave you earlier?"
     Bunnie blinked. "Toy? Oh yeah, I fergot I was carryin' this around
still... " She handed the large rifle back to Vision.
     Vision chuckled. He examined the rifle a bit, then opened up the handle
and pulled out what looked like the power source. "A Harani micro-fusion
battery. The Harani don't give out their tech to just anyone, and they
most certainly wouldn't give it to the likes of Crazy Ivo. This, and what
Blue Boy here told me on the way to Robotropolis, proves that Ivo's been
getting offworld help. That should let us offer a little help from time to
time, though not on as major a scale as I did today. That directly involved
     Sally nodded. "I understand. Any help we get is good for us, and well
     Vision smiled. "Why, thank you." He then yawned a bit, and got up. "I
must leave now, however, since today has made my body desire a nice warm
bath back at Haven."
     The others chuckled, then gave their farewells. "Stay cool, Vis!" "Hope
to see y'all soon!" "Goodbye, and thanks again."
     Vision smiled. "Farewell everyone. Perhaps you'll see more of us in the
future. As for me, you can count on it." With that, he snapped his fingers.
A streak of bright green energy formed at the top of his head and spiraled
down his body, leaving behind a faint blue afterimage of him, which faded
away. Then he was gone.

     The others blinked, then Sally giggled. "I suppose we should expect
the unexpected from him from now on."
     Bunnie giggled as well. "Yeah, he sure is a strange one, but his
heart's in the right place. Ah wouldn't mind seein' him again."
     Sonic smirked, leaning against the stump. "Yeah, he's cool. Always
knew he was cool."
     Sally raised an eyebrow. "Oh, you did, did you?"
     "Yeah, I knew he was cool from the moment I laid eyes on him. Had cool
written all over him, right from the start," said Sonic, closing his eyes
and smirking even more.
     Bunnie stifled a giggle, and Sally rolled her eyes upward. "Uh-huh..."
     Sonic was obviously on a roll now. "Of course, ya do realize that he
wasn't as cool as me. _Nooo_one's_ as cool as your's truly..." Sally and
Bunnie got up and silently walked off as Sonic continued. "Yup, me, I'm Way
Past Cool. I'm the coolest thing to hit Mobius since the Ice Age. I'm...
Hey??" He noticed that he was alone, and that Sally and Bunnie were heading
elsewhere in Knothole. He darted after them yelling, "Hey guys, wait up!
Hey! C'mon, what gives...?"
                                    E N D
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