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> I seem to remember while gophering the usenet that somepne poineted
> out something I've also noticed.. To wit--
> In the SatSonic, Bunnie Rabbot has a robot arm and legs, but her...
> um... "naughty bits", in Pythonesque terms, are apparently flesh (she
> wears a leotard to cover those as well). But in the comic, Bunnie is
> apparently robot from teh waist down.
> There goes one more piece of continuity, crashing down in flames...

*Grin!* "brobbot.gif" by Doug Winger... :) Well, in answer to your
question, Bunnie appears to be a DiC-created character (correct me if I'm
wrong, fellas), and I would say the SatAM StH version of Bunnie is more


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