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In article <>, (D.M. "Quozl" Falk) writes:
>Longears DeHare ( wrote:
>: On Sep 27, 1995 08:08:12 in article <Fiona... :)>, ' (D.M.
>: "Quozl" Falk)' wrote:
>: >All right- I'm saying this here... :) If anyone wants to, please pass
>: >this to the mailing list if you want to... :)
>: >
>: >BRING BACK FIONA! BRING BACK FIONA! :) Even though she's one of
>: >Robotnik's automatons (self-aware robots), she'd actually make a great
>: >addition to the Knothole gang... :) She could be essentially be StH's
>: >answer to Smurfette! :) (If you don't know what I mean, Smurfette was the
>: >evil Gargamel's creation intended to lure and destroy the smurfs, but was
>: >later rehabilitated- if that's the word- and made one of the "good
>: guys"..)
>: >
>: She isn't gone! Though she is a bit rusty (but then so am I) Tails vows to
>: return and fix things up with her.
>Actually, he said he'd make *RoBUTTnik* repair her.... The problem is
>that I fear she's just a one-off character, though, but I'd like to see
>the Archie StH team bring her back and make her into one of the "good
>guys"! It'd be interesting to have one of RoBUTTnik's creations on the
>Freedom Fighters' side (outside of the roboticised Uncle Chuck and the
>partially-roboticised Bunnie, of course!)....
>Just as the characters developed for the Princess Sally mini-series
>proved worthy of repeat performances, so does Fiona... :)
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