New music if you want it!!!

Date: Mon, 25 Sep 1995 22:43:13 -0600

The last two years Ive got the music of the games Sonic 3(ice cap zone),
Sonic 2(the dreams come true and part of the beginning),Im already working
in the Sonic CD beginning theme but if you want a part of it you got it.
Ive got it by myself,without partitures,only listening.If someone over there
is interested on it, write me to my e-mail.I dont have a music program
to write it in a pentagram but I can write it with words.
Other stuff....If someone over there can help me about installing a TCP/IP
protocol on Windows 95 to can access Internet.Can you tell me how?I hadnt
read messages for three or four days ago in that I by casuality I could
connect me,but to can read your messages and can write again,I had to uninstall
Windows 95 from my computer.Nowadays Im working on my old Windows for Work-
groups.See you!!!

Your friend
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