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From: Joseph Delacroix <hk512_at_cleveland.Freenet.Edu>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 1995 21:47:32 -0400

Hello there. I'm Joseph from FurToonia, and I've recently discovered this
mailing list. I'm a rather large Sonic fan, so I was rather dismayed when
I finally realized ABC wasn't carryin StH anymore. So...

I wrote this message on the bulletin board on FurToonia. I'm sending it,
in a slightly altered form, to this list in hopes of arousing your interest
in my plan.

-- Message --

As many of you may know, the SatAM Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon has been
recently (ok, not THAT recently) cancelled. While the first 2 seasons are
now floating around USA (praise USA!) Network, the demand for a 3rd season
(and the continuation of the series in general) has been rather high.
These are some of the reasons that come up repeatedly for reactivating the
show, and letting it have a 3rd season. Your mileage may very.
(In addition, please add your own, or improve the ones you see.)

1. The final episode. If the last episode of Sonic the Hedgehog was not
    the most extreme cliffhanger in the history of all Saturday morning
    cartoons, I'm not orange. Even the SWAT Kats ended with a modicum
    of closure; all of THEIR bad guys were DEAD. What of Snively, and the
    mysterious eyes behind him? What happened to Robotnik? What about the
    King? (Talk about your cartoonus interruptus...)

2. This was a *good* show. It gave all SORTS of good messages. It was
    pro-environment (the good guys live in peace with nature, badniks
    destroy it), anti-pollution (ditto), and even had the good taste to
    have a hero who wasn't `dark and gritty' or `cute and cloying', but
    rather is/was a fun, sarcastic (but not cruel) young adult. It wasn't
    overly violent, nor an (excessively) obvious merchandising gimmick.

3. It was also a "good" show in the respect that it was well-written and
    animated. Very rarely does such a quality show end up on ABC, and
    especially during the SatAM merchandising-block. It had drama. Pathos.
    And it was *funny* sometimes, too. It was a show that anyone of any
    age could watch and appreciate on some level.

4. I only need to gesticulate toward Scratchwood's (http://rat.org/bookshire)
    Web page and the various other fandom pages to demonstrate the amount
    of Sonic fandom out and about on the net today. And that's just what *I*
    know of on the Net, mind you. There's probably a lot more out there I
    don't know about. The comic book also has a large following. And I'm
    sure these people would gladly buy any products that any sponsor of the
    show would produce, and recommend X product to their friends.

Now, if you're interested in saving this show from the bit bucket, please
keep watching this board for more info. Details as they become apparent.

-- End --

(Well, that's what I was able to come up with.)

Now, here's what I'm thinking here...basically, all we do are these
three things:

1. The first thing we'd need to do is to write a message basically
    explaining to someone unknowledgeable on the subject what the
    show is, and the circumstances surrounding its cancellation. Then, we
    explain why we feel it is good (in a thesis-like form), so to convince
    Iggy Internet (or whoever) to assist us in our cause.

2. Then, a letter should immediately follow the previous message that one
    could send to (our main enemy) Sega. It would be pretty similar to
    the thesis about why the show is good; it would explain why we want
    Sega to give permission back to DiC to make StH episodes, and our
    willingness to fully support them if they do. (If we need to write a
    2nd letter, this will be slightly more threatening.)

3. Then, the important thing will be distributing the information to the
    masses. SirKain (sirkain_at_usa.pipeline.com) will spread it through
    his various BBS connections, and I'll send it all over Usenet's
    various animation and furry groups, and hit as many furry MU* bulletin
    boards as I possibly can. (Please don't hesistate to do so yourself,
    either.) Every little bit helps, so we'd hope that you'd stick
    the info wherever you think it'd be cool, and tell all your friends
    to send in letters, too.

Then, all we'd have to do is distribute and soapbox about the situation
until something gets done. Make your whole family sign at the bottom.
Hell, go up and down the street with a petition. The more names you get,
the better chance we've got of getting a 3rd season (or at least some sort
of closure episode) out of Sega.

So, whaddya think? If we all work together on this, we could probably at
least make enough noise to make them notice us. Send your replies to the


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