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On 14 Sep 95, JOHN MANKOWSKI wrote:

> Hey I saw the pictures from the site of the UK comics and I liked them.
> I wanted to know about where I could order some. I remember reading a
> file aobut them but I coudn't learn much I need to know Where to write
> to,How much it costs (In both pounds and $s) and what are some of the
> better issures to try to start with?
> Thanks

To subscribe the comic, you may try to write to

        Subs Dept.
        Aim Ltd.
        PO Box 10
        Pallion Industrial Estate
        Sunderland, SR4 6SN

To order back issues, write to

        Aim Ltd.
        PO Box 10
        Sunderland, SR4 6SN

The price is 1.20 pounds sterling for each issue (price has been
increased), including postage & packing. Minimum order is four issues.
Checks must be payable to _Fleetway Editions Ltd._ and must be in pounds
sterling. (Maybe it will cost more because you live in America... better
call them by phone first.)

To ask them questions about a subscription and/or order by credit card
dial 01144-91-510-2290.

You may also try to send e-mail to their fan-page (much like the
Sonic-Grams page). The address is

Here is a list of some of the REAL good stories in the Fleetway Sonic
comic (they have some that are crap too, but not nearly as much as Archie
has). You can also check the STC Story Checklist that I posted earlier
for more info.

If you like Knuckles solo-stories:

_Karnival Night Conspiracy_, issue #39 - #44
  The Marxio Brothers try to take over the Carnival Night Zone on the
  Floating Island.

_Total Chaotix_, issue #53 - #58
  Adaption of the 'Knuckles Chaotix' game. The Chaotix team fights the
  Brotherhood Of Metallix in Robotnik's abandoned Egg Fortress.

If you want stories about our blue speedster Sonic The Hedgehog:

_Super Sonic_, issue #7
  Sonic saves the Oil Ocean Zone and turns into Super Sonic while he
  fights an Aquis.

_The Origin Of Sonic_, _Back To Reality_ and _Megatox_, issue #8 - #10
  This is something like a 3-part-story. Sonic's and Robotnik's origin
  is explained, referring to the Fleetway storyline. This is also the
  start of a new concept in the Fleetway comic. More 'adult' stories,
  Robotnik now uses 'real' SWATBot armies instead of the usual Badniks
  from the game etc.

_Girl Trouble_, issue #21 - #22
  First appearance of Amy Rose. Sonic saves Amy from being turned into
  a Badnik by Robotnik. Amy becomes a member of Sonic's Freedom Fighter

_The Sonic Terminator_, issue #24 - #28
  Adaption of the 'Sonic CD' game... real thrilling. Metal Sonic kidnaps
  Amy Rose to lure Sonic to the Miracle Planet and finish him off. Sonic
  defeats Metal Sonic by travelling back in time and chnaging the past.

_Enter Knuckles_ and _Power Of The Chaos Emeralds_, issue #33 - #36
  Adaption of the 'Sonic III' game.

_Day Of The Death Egg_, _Mystery Of The Sandopolis Zone_,
_Count Down To Disaster_ and _Disaster!_, issue #45, #47 - #53
  Adaption of the 'Sonic & Knuckles' game. This one is split into four
  chapters, divided over eight issues. Sonic & Knuckles fight Robotnik
  on the Floating Island, destroy the repaired Death Egg and retrieve the
  Master Emerald from Robotnik.

_The Brotherhood Of Metallix_, issue #59 - ?
  This is the sequel to the 'Knuckles Chaotix' adaption. The Brotherhood Of
  Metallix has taken over Robotnik's abandoned Egg-Fortress in the Special
  Zone. They kidnap Grimer (very similar to Snively, but much more
  intelligent) to build an Alpha Device for them. Robotnik finally captures
  Sonic but has to join forces with him to have a chance to defeat the
  Metallixes. Sonic enters the Special Zone, but he can't stop the
  Metallixes from escaping to the Miracle Planet (where Sonic defeated the
  first Metallix in 'The Sonic Terminator').

  This story is still running, the current issue is #60. I also don't
  know what the Alpha Device is for.

If you are looking for Tails solo-stories, you should try to get

_Zonerunner & The Big Freeze_, issue #48 - #51
  Tails fights an evil robot called Nutzan Bolt, who has taken over the
  Chemical Plant Zone.

_The Revenge Of Trogg_, issue #59 - ?
  This is a Knuckles & Tails team-up. Tails & Knuckles are brought to
  the Nameless Zone to save the Enchanter Kings. (In the Fleetway
  Comic, this zone once was Tails' home, and because he wanted everyone
  there to be proud of him he told them that HE would be the hero of
  Mobius and not Sonic.)

Hope this helps

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