Re: New sounds on ftp site

From: Brian Irish <>
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 1995 13:14:27 -0700

At 2:19 PM 09/10/1995, Erich Schulman (KTN4CA) Team OS/2 wrote:

>I have placed two new sounds on the ftp site.
> Antoine: I think I will croon.
> Sonic: I think I will hurl.
> Sally: Shut your mouth, hedgehog!
>Both are 8-bit mono .WAV files at 22kHz recorded on a SB16 card under
>Warp 3 MMOS/2.

Hey, these sounds are great quality! I especially love the croon/hurl one!

What eps are these from? I'm not sure, but is from the Lezar ep?

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