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Now, some may say this is off topic, but I just thought I'd share my
views about the stuff they replaced Sonic with on ABC having just
finished watching the Preview tonight:

Hmmm...if there's one show in the lineup that won't last til
the end of the season, it's this one. It vaguely resembles a VERY poor
attempt to force kids to learn friendship, and kindness and give them the
facade of what a wonderful place the world is. Now, while I have no
objection to such programming, a network saturday morning linup is NOT
the place for it. I mean, you'd expect to see somthing like that on PBS,
but certainly not here!

"Free Willy":
This won out and Sonic did not. As I said to myself at the beginning of
the last season, this show isn't worth the money they put into it. The
movies were fairly good, but this cartoon adaption is nowhere near that
good and is, in my opinion, filled to the brim with bad acting.

"Dumb and Dumber":
Well...that certainly describes the idea to make a cartoon like this.
The show makes absolutely no sense. And, while that may be the point, I
think they made a big mistake in this case due to the fact that they're
trying to make money off slap-stick anttics of two characters in a movie
who really can't be duplicated. I saw a preview of "The Mask" on CBS a
few weeks ago, and that guy was nowhere near as good as Jim Carrey
himself. I fear such will be the case uninteristing show about
poor copies of two fine comedians.

"Bump in the NIght":
Finally!! A show that makes it worth turning on the TV every week. If
this season is anything like the last, it'll be just as good. The
combination of the unpredictable Mr. Bumpy, the timid, practical
Squishington, and Molly the comfort doll, make for wonderful
entertainment. Then, at the end, we get a trip to the Kareoke Cafe,
which also proves to be worth not changing the channel. Indeed, a truely
unique and entertaining show. :)

Well...I never really watched an episode of this, however, knowing the
book, it's not something I'd enjoy. Besides, I think a RL sitcom has NO
place on a Saturday Morning show.

Excellent!! The second reason to turn on the TV tomarrow. This is a
wonderful example of the way in which ALL cartoon will be made in the
future. reboot is groundbreaking, in-your-face computer animation which
leaves that lame 'Incredible Crash dummies' short to shame, both in plot
and fluid, yet quick movement of animation. Reboot is truely a show
worth watching if for no other reason than seeing the cool animation.
Most people who do this stuff concentrate so much on the tech stuff that
they forget about good plot lines. Not so here, Reboot is a superb
combination of computer animation and wonderful, involving plots.

"What a Mess":
A story about a dog named 'What a Mess' who spend most of his time making
a that it? If so, we got the makings for yet aANOTHER show
that won't last the season...even if it does it won't last to a second
season. The animation is poor quality, even though that was probably the
animators' intent, and I honestly don't see much potential for story
lines here if they don't get off the idea of simply a dog making a mess.

"Bugs Bummy and Tweety":
Well, this stuff has been on Saturday mornings as long as I can remember,
and it's good stuff. It obviously had to be to last as long as it has (I
think bugs is up to about 56 years now) I won't talk too much about this
since just about ervybody already has an opinion on these cartoons.

Well...that's it. the ABC Saterday morning special is missing from the
lineup this year, so I suspect it's finially outlived it's popularity
even though it's been on for over 15 years. some will miss it, other
won't. Other than that, I say that 'Bump in the Night" and "Reboot" are
the ONLY good cartoons on ABC this season, and I really think it's sad
that Sonic was cancelled to make room for uninteresting, and 'non-fun'
show like these new one being introduced. In fact, this is the FIRST
season in my life as long as I can remember that I've been so completely
turned off by the lineup available. Hopefully it'll get better next
season and none of this stuff (with those two exceptions) will be renewed.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts on what the idiots at ABC replaced our
favorite Hedgehog with.

Long live Sonic, and may Madeline and company all get cancelled!!!!

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