On My Mother's Grave, Part 3

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On My Mother's Grave
A Sonic the Hedgehog story
Written by Kris Kelley. Story by Kris Kelley and Craig Moore.

This story is protected by copyright laws. Feel free to distribute this story,
but the authors do not allow any unauthorized alteration of the story or
distribution for profit.

Part 3

     At the time that Sonic and the others were returning to Knothole, sounds of
destruction could be heard within the Robotropolis Command Center.
     "SNIVELY!" Robotnik's voice boomed across the room. "TELL ME!" He grabbed
his nephew by the collar and picked him up to look at him face to face. "YOU
     Because of you! Snively wanted to shout at him. You should have foreseen
this and increased security at the plant the very day that freedom fighter was
captured! Don't whine to me about something that is completely your fault,
     But out loud, Snively only said, "I am looking into it, sir."
     Robotnik held him there for a moment longer before finally releasing
him...by tossing him into a nearby wall. He turned to say something more, but
then turned back around and sat in his command chair, tapping his fingers,
leaving Snively to glare at his back.
     From the entranceway, Packbell stood, watching all this. Packbell always
enjoyed tormenting Snively, and he would have been enjoying the abuse Robotnik
was dealing Snively now, were it not for the circumstances. Packbell had come
to the same conclusion that Snively had: The loss of the coolant treatment
plant was the result of Robotnik's short-sightedness. The fool had made yet
another mistake, he thought. Only this time, we're all paying for it. He
turned and walked away, making his way to his private quarters.

     It is time for a new plan of action.

* * *

     Late that night, Packbell sat at his workstation. File after file appeared
on the screen as Packbell called them up, as if at random. He wasn't really
reading them, though. His mind was elsewhere.
     How to stop the Freedom Fighters? Too many times they have gotten away, he
thought, and though Robotnik's poor strategy has a lot to do with it, there's
something about them that seems to give them the upper hand. What?
     Packbell thought hard, working on theories. It couldn't just be the desire
to overthrow Robotnik. Packbell had easily dealt with such ambitious people in
the past. He didn't think it was just their talents, either. Sure, things like
Sonic's speed, Sally's cunning, and Bunnie's strength were all important
factors, but again, it wasn't anything that Packbell felt he couldn't handle.
Then what was it?
     Packbell's eyes focused on the screen, and he found himself looking at a
file detailing one of Robotnik's excursions from a few months ago. Robotnik had
succeeded in kidnapping Sally and Tails, but instead of dealing with them in a
timely manner, he had simply held them in the hopes of trapping Sonic as well.
Sonic had appeared, but only to succeed in rescuing them, not to be captured.
Yet another example of Robotnik's superb planning, Packbell thought
sarcastically. The same could be said about what had happened recently.
Robotnik's desire to "play" with the Freedom Fighter they had captured had only
resulted in his being rescued by Sonic. If only Robotnik wouldn't insist on
putting off what needed to be done *when* it needed to be done...
     Suddenly, it hit him. That's it! That's what kept the Freedom Fighters
going strong. Comradery. They were always there for each other. Whenever one
of them was in danger, the others always tried to help in any way possible, and
usually (again thanks to Robotnik, he thought darkly) there was such a way.
Now, how would they react if they couldn't pull off such a rescue? Not just
anybody of course, as Robotnik's forces had captured and roboticized Knothole
citizens before, but one of the main group. Yes, he thought, what would happen
to their precious egos if they watched one of their own die, slowly, painfully,
knowing there was absolutely nothing they could do to help? An evil smile came
to his face. An excellent idea, he told himself. Now, who should it be?
Sonic? No; although the lack of Sonic's speed would certainly hurt them, they
would probably use his death as a reason to band together and fight that much
harder. Sally? No, for the same reason. His mind went over each name,
dismissing them for one reason or another until finally he thought of: Tails.
Yes, Tails, the young fox who was always looking up to the Freedom Fighters. To
see their young friend vanquished before their very eyes... Packbell began to
chuckle. It was almost too perfect. With Tails' death weighing on their minds,
he was certain their morale would be destroyed. And soon after, so would they.
     Packbell typed in a set of commands, and the information that the computer
had on Tails appeared on the screen, including a picture.
     "You are my key," Packbell said to image on the screen, "to disposing of
the Freedom Fighters once and for all!"

To be continued.
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