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Date: Wed, 16 Aug 95 11:42:02 CDT

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> Subject: Sonic Story Sightings
> Yesterday while wandering through the grocery store (Kash N' Karry) I
> found in the magazine/book rack a bundled package of two of the
> Tietlebaum books (Sonic the Hedgehog and Robotnik's Revenge) Whether
> these are all over the country or just a regional sort of thing, who
> knows? The price is $3.50 for the two shrink wrapped together.

I just saw these yesterday at "Woodman's"... a grocery store chain I've only
seen in Wisconsin. I bought the two bundled books and a third individual
book... titled "Palace of Terror" or something to that effect... no need
to correct me on this name.. I'm pretty sure its wrong and can always get
the right name in 10 minutes. :)

Didn't someone review these books? I've been curious as to where I could
get them and viola... They're right there on the rack. One curious thing
I noticed about them is that unlike the TV series or the Archie comics..
Uncle Chuck and Muttski's been 'deroboticized'. I also noticed that the
first book called Rotor a sea lion while a later book called him a walrus.
[The first book called Sally a Chipmunk too... I guess the writer wasn't
sure what was going on either at this point].

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