Re: Mobius Freedom Fighters' Theme

From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 95 17:45:55 CDT

Chris writes:
> > [Animaniacs song parody snipped]
> Bleegh. Why anyone would want to compare Our Favourite Mobians with
> the still-born merchandising dreck that was A! and its dubiously
> encouraged fandom is beyond me... :P
> --
> Chris,,
And Sonic isn't a product of merchandising??!?! Isn't Sonic SEGA's very
own mascot of sorts? Aren't there over a hundred different products with
Sonic on them?

Or are you just complaining about the animaniacs fans .. such as those who
write leud stories about Yakko and Hello-Nurse?

-- On a different note --

I finally found an issue of the Sonic Triple Trouble 48pp special (Archie)
No review... just a few comments:

The return of everyone's favorite fall-apart badnik.. Crabmeat!

We finally get to see the (possible) covers of the Tails Miniseries.
(I say 'possible' because they changed the Sally Miniseries covers).

Ya know... the more I see Knuckles, the more I like him? Go Knux!

Despite firing the TV execs who made the decision, I'm suspecting we're
going to get treated to 'Dumb and Dumber' in that mystery SAT-AM ABC
time slot. Anyone on this list hear any rumors as to what's going to
be here?

I guess I was wrong... I thought that mysterious guy in the S&K 48 page
Special [story: Fire Drill] was Nack the Weasel but it looks like its
someone else.

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